IEC 61850 and digital substation basics

This course is a unique combination of information both on IEC 61850 standard and networking technologies, used in digital substations. In approximately 2 hours you will get to know the key differences in implementation of protection and control systems for conventional and digital substations; IEC 61850 communication models, IEC 61850 data model, System Configuration Language and SCL file types; you will understand the basic elements and operation of Local Area Networks in substations, aspects of traffic management (VLANs and static multicast filtering) and time synchronization requirements and methods. In the final part you will get to know possible approaches of digital substations in regard to used IEC 61850 communication models and LAN topologies. This the best introductory course to understand basic concepts of digital substations implementation. The materials of this course are based on extensive practical experience, which includes the implementation of digital substations with process bus. The authors of this course are IEC TC57 WG10 members and trained more than 2500 engineers around the globe for the last 10 years.

Duration: 2 hours

Format: Video lectures

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