Awareness of IEC 61850 communication standard - 1 month subscription

Welcome to our most detailed and advanced training course on IEC 61850 and digital substations. Having studied this course, you will be confident with the implementation of IEC 61850 based protection, control and automation systems, understanding specifics of each IEC 61850 communication model and System Configuration Language (SCL). You will be able to configure and troubleshoot Sampled Values, GOOSE, Reporting, Controls and other types of IEC 61850 communications. The course is recommended for protection and control engineers both within utilities and system integrators; managers, providing technical specifications and requirements for new generation of electric power facilities; product managers and students

Duration: 16 hours

Format: Video lectures

Producer: Tekvel

Subscription period: 1 month

Private chat-group access: Yes

Face-to-face online consultation: Not available

Final Test: No

Course Completion Certificate: No

Online hands-on session: Not available