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Awareness of IEC 61850 communication standard
Our most detailed and advanced training course on IEC 61850 and digital substations. 16 hours of video lectures in details covering GOOSE, Sampled Values, Reports, Controls and other topics.
The course covers GOOSE, Sampled Values, Reports, Controls as well as SCL and testing capabilities in details.

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Who is this course for?
Commissioning engineers
The course will provide deep knowledge of Sampled Values, GOOSE, Reports and Controls configuration with strong skills on troubleshooting of these communication models.
Utility protection and control engineers
For utility engineers and others who are involved in maintenance of protection and control systems this course describes the approaches to test and verify IEC 61850 based systems.
Technical managers
Technical and product managers will gain deep insights on all IEC 61580 aspects and capabilities, required for the successfull implementation of digital substations.
Searching for some generic course instead?
Have a look at this 2-hour introductory course with most of topics covered in condensed way!
What would you learn?
Prerequisites for the development of IEC 61850 standard, its current structure and status
Structure of IEC 61850 data model in each and every detail
System Configuration Language (SCL) and its file type
Engineering process of IEC 61850 enabled digital substations
Detailed overview of all IEC 61850 communication models and their configuration aspects
Basics of LAN, including redundancy protocols, traffic management and time synchronization
Mapping of IEC 61850 onto specific communication protocols
Testing features for IEC 61850 based protection and control systems
Course program
This is our most detailed and advanced training course on IEC 61850 and digital substations. Having studied this course, you will be confident with the implementation of IEC 61850 based protection, control and automation systems, understanding specifics of each IEC 61850 communication model and System Configuration Language (SCL). You will be able to configure and troubleshoot Sampled Values, GOOSE, Reporting, Controls and other types of IEC 61850 communications. The course is recommended for protection and control engineers both within utilities and system integrators; managers, providing technical specifications and requirements for new generation of electric power facilities; product managers and students.

Course authors

  • Alexander Golovin

    Course author and lecturer

    Alexander Golovin has graduated with Master's degree at Moscow Power Engineering Institute (Technical University) in 2008 (Protection, control and automation department). Since that time he has been involved in the development of products and solutions for digital substations as well as in the implementation of digital substations. He worked as a head of engineering department and then as a chief technical officer at Profotech where he was responsible for the development of fiber-optic current and electronic voltage sensors. Since 2012 he is a co-founder and chief technical officer for Tekvel Ltd., based in Dubai, UAE. Alexander is involved in the development of software and hardware solutions for digital substations, is participating in the implementations of digital substations with process bus (with more than 40 projects implemented for the last 3 years). He has also been providing training on IEC 61850 within Tekvel team since 2012 with more than 2500 engineers trained around the globe.

    Alexander Golovin is a member of the Working Group 10 of International Electrotechnical Commission Technical Committee 57, which is responsible for development and maintenance of IEC 61850 standard.

  • Alexey Anoshin

    Course author and lecturer

    Alexey Anoshin graduated with Master's Degree in Engineering in 2008. Started his professional career in 2005 and got experience in the field of primary electrical equipment and protective relaying. In 2010 co-founded Tekvel and since that time holding position of Managing Director with broad variety of tasks. As tutor and technical consultant Alexey was involved into IEC 61850 and Digital Substation trainings in Europe, Canada, the USA and the Philippines with more than 1500 student trained. Alexey was the original developer of company's famous SV simulator - iMerge (later - Volcano) as well as deeply involved into development of IEC 61850 compliant software and hardware.

    Alexey Anoshin is a member of the Working Group 10 of the International Electrotechnical Commission Technical Committee 57, which is responsible for development and maintenance of IEC 61850 standard.

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