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Featured course:
Introduction into IEC 61850 and Digital Substations

This course is a unique combination of information both on IEC 61850 standard and networking technologies, used in digital substations.

In approximately 2 hours you will get to know the key differences in implementation of protection and control systems for conventional and digital substations; IEC 61850 communication models, IEC 61850 data model, System Configuration Language and SCL file types; you will understand the basic elements and operation of Local Area Networks in substations, aspects of traffic management (VLANs and static multicast filtering) and time synchronization requirements and methods. In the final part you will get to know possible approaches of digital substations in regard to used IEC 61850 communication models and LAN topologies.
Introductory course on IEC 61850 and Digital Substations
This course will provide you with the basic knowledge on IEC 61850 and networking technologies for digital substations.
Course contents
IEC 61850 basics: communication models, data model and SCL
  • Key differences between conventional and digital substations,
  • Overview of GOOSE and Sampled Values communication models,
  • Client-server communications in IEC 61850,
  • IEC 61850 information model,
  • System Configuration Language (SCL), SCL file types and their role.
Basics of Local Area Networks and Time Synchronization in digital substations
These lecture gives students a knowledge on basic elements of Local Area Networks (LAN) in substation. Students will understand how Ethernet switches operate, types of traffic in digital substations, traffic management aspects, redundancy protocols and time synchronization requirements and methods.
Digital substation implementations overview
In the final lecture students will see the examples of digital substation implementation approaches and possible configurations of LAN topologies, depending on how IEC 61850 is applied in substation.

Fast immersion into IEC 61850
and Digital Substations
This course will provide you with the basic knowledge on IEC 61850 and networking technologies for digital substations.

Format: Video lectures
Duration: 2 hours

About author

Alexander Golovin
Alexander Golovin has graduated with Master's degree at Moscow Power Engineering Institute (Technical University) in 2008 (Protection, control and automation department). Since that time he has been involved in the development of products and solutions for digital substations as well as in the implementation of digital substations. He worked as a head of engineering department and then as a chief technical officer at Profotech where he was responsible for the development of fiber-optic current and electronic voltage sensors. Since 2012 he is a co-founder and chief technical officer for Tekvel Ltd., based in Dubai, UAE. Alexander is involved in the development of software and hardware solutions for digital substations, is participating in the implementations of digital substations with process bus (with more than 40 projects implemented for the last 3 years). He has also been providing training on IEC 61850 within Tekvel team since 2012 with more than 2500 engineers trained around the globe.

Alexander Golovin is a member of the Working Group 10 of International Electrotechnical Commission Technical Committee 57, which is responsible for development and maintenance of IEC 61850 standard.