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How to use Wireshark for the analysis of digital substation communications?
We have been capturing digital substation traffic for more than 10 years and now we are sharing this experience with you. Boost your network traffic capturing and analysis efficiency with this course!
The course is split into eight modules, covering basics of packet sniffing, Wireshark configuration, filters, working with packets and capture files and finally inspecting IEC 61850 traffic.
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8 modules
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Who is this course for?
The earlier you get the experience and knowledge how to capture and analyze the traffic of contemporary communication protocols in substation environment, more confident will be your start and further progress in the career.
If you are substation automation engineer, you will learn crucial things on inspecting network traffic with the application of Wireshark. Even if you are already familiar with Wireshark, tips and trick we share will boost your productivity!
Searching for more information
on IEC 61850 communication protocols?
Check out this detailed 16-hours course with hands-on session option.
What would you learn?
Packet sniffing approaches and tools
How to connect to switched network infrastructure to capture required data, including the usage of port mirroring and network TAPs
How to start with Wireshark and its basic settings
How to you use capture and display filters in Wireshark
Tips and tricks on working with packets
Tips and tricks on working with capture files
How to analyze GOOSE, Sampled Values and MMS traffic with Wireshark
Practical examples
Course program
The course is based on the webinar, conducted with Digital Substation community in Telegram. It has been crafted with the aim not just to provide you with the basics of packet sniffing and Wireshark operation, but also to give you the knowledge on Wireshark outstanding features that boost your productivity! In less than 2 hours you will feel confident on using the tool and will make your colleagues ask how to do this and that. Bingo!

Course author

  • Alexander Golovin

    Course author and lecturer

    Alexander Golovin has graduated with Master's degree at Moscow Power Engineering Institute (Technical University) in 2008 (Protection, control and automation department). Since that time he has been involved in the development of products and solutions for digital substations as well as in the implementation of digital substations. He worked as a head of engineering department and then as a chief technical officer at Profotech where he was responsible for the development of fiber-optic current and electronic voltage sensors. Since 2012 he is a co-founder and chief technical officer for Tekvel Ltd., based in Dubai, UAE. Alexander is involved in the development of software and hardware solutions for digital substations, is participating in the implementations of digital substations with process bus (with more than 40 projects implemented for the last 3 years). He has also been providing training on IEC 61850 within Tekvel team since 2012 with more than 2500 engineers trained around the globe.

    Alexander Golovin is a member of the Working Group 10 of International Electrotechnical Commission Technical Committee 57, which is responsible for development and maintenance of IEC 61850 standard.

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